Pirates of The Nothe Fort


25May2024 - 2June2024


Moonfleet Manor

Set sail for a day of family-friendly adventure with Pirate of the Fort, fit for the whole crew!

Pirate Ship: Climb aboard our magnificent pirate ship and explore the high seas like a true captain.
Panning for Gold: Venture into the world of treasure hunting as you pan for sparkling gold nuggets.
Walk the Plank: Test your balance and bravery, can you make it across or will you end up in Davey Jones’s Locker?
Pirate Hook Hoopla: Sharpen your aim and compete in the Pirate Hook Hoopla game.
Fire the Cannonballs: Fire cannonballs at the attacking ships!

Find out more about this event at The Nothe Forte in Weymouth