Outdoor Theatre at Ickworth – Wind in The Willows


25July2024,18:00 - 25July2024,20:00


The Ickworth

Join Boxtree Productions Events for their fantastic musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s classic story, ‘The Wind In The Willows’ .

When Mole gets fed up of cleaning her home she decides to leave her burrow and head out on adventure! She meets Ratty and Toad and Badger and discovers a love of the river and the joy of the open road. However, that egocentric Toad is convinced to steal a car by those meddling weasels! Toad is arrested and the Weasels take over Toad Hall to turn it into a theatre for their own amusement! It falls to Mole and Ratty, Badger and Toad to take back Toad Hall! Will they do it?

Adults £16 | Children £13

Pack up a picnic, bring something to sit on and dress for the great British Weather! Cancellation only in the event of dangerous conditions.